Reduces Itch With One Use, Completely Eliminates Scratching With Regular Use

Aseptic Plus+ Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo works!

Our fragrance-free, non-toxic, plant and mineral based wash leaves your pet smelling fresh without masking odors.

Our own vet swears by it.

"Seven-out-of-seven of my toughest skin allergy feline and canine cases provided outstanding results. Noticeable response after one treatment. Allergies were completely eliminated with continued use. I was amazed and my patients’ owners were thrilled."

Dr. Charly Beauchamp, Beauchamp Animal Hospital, Franklin, TN

Aseptic Plus+ Pet Shampoo is actually 5 solutions in 1:

Neutralizes dust mite allergens

Neutralizes allergens in pet dander

Cleans/conditions for a soft, healthy coat

Helps control fleas and ticks

Odorless deodorizing formula keeps on working long after shampooing

Use on dogs, cats or any household pet with skin allergies. It is a 100% biodegradable plant and mineral based formula.

To order Aseptic Plus+ products, please fax this order form or contact:

Jeremy Wimmenauer, Shipping Manager
FAX: 615-468-7668
PH: 615-468-7668 Ext. 1

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