Aseptic Plus+ Is Effective & Long Lasting

  • USEPA Reg. No 82972-1-90331
  • Lowest EPA toxicity rating—Category IV, “very low”
  • GLP-certified Lab Test (see AsepticPlus.com/Tech-info)
  • Hypo allergenic—Allergen reducing formula
  • Shelf stable—over one year shelf life
  • No special shipping or handling instructions
  • Non-corrosive—safe on treated surfaces and articles,
  • including stainless steel and clad metals, carpeting, fabrics, natural stones and plastics
  • Fragrance free with no offensive odor or taste
  • Non-irritating to skin; no gloves required
  • Air dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue


Aseptic Plus+ is one of the few disinfectants that can be dispersed by spraying or fogging, dramatically cutting the time to disinfect large areas. By permeating the area with a particulate spray or fog, you effectively reach into nooks, crevices and corners of every surface in a room—areas that are difficult to disinfect using only a nozzle spray, wipe or mop procedure.

Fogging is also safe for use around sensitive electronic equipment such as microscopes and other medical equipment, when applied according to instructions.