About Aseptic Health, LLC

Aseptic Health is a clean solutions provider to commercial, residential and healthcare facilities. Amid increasing concerns of microorganism-laden, unhealthy facilities, Aseptic Health is setting a new industry standard for Clinically Clean, healthy facilities through its exclusive products.

We operate a national distributor network that works directly with owners/decision makers of commercial, residential and select healthcare facility markets to provide products and best practices. To ensure you and your staff achieve Cinically Clean results we can also recommed Aseptic Certified™ service providers in your area.

Aseptic Health emerged from Founder and CEO Autumn Ryan’s desire to provide her family and her commercial clients an aseptically clean environment without fear of reaction to harsh chemicals. She was working in an industry where clients often judged the cleanliness of their environment by the fumes leached from chemicals that smelled of pine, bleach and other irritants to the eyes, skin, throat and lungs. But true aseptically clean environments are free from odors and emissions and free from pathogens (bacteria, fungus, viruses) that cause disease.

How clean IS clean? With Aseptic Plus+, it’s Clinically Clean.

Autumn Ryan

Founder & President

Autumn Ryan

Autumn Ryan always knew she would be an entrepreneur. Risk is part of what builds character and success, and early risks led Ryan to learn valuable lessons. Her story of entrepreneurial success led financial-guru Dave Ramsey to feature Ryan in his book “The Total Money Makeover” which in turn landed her on “Good Morning America,” sharing her ups, downs and rise to success and independence.

That was then. Now, Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with three successful enterprises under her belt since 2001: Southern Comfort Cleaning LLC, providing janitorial and residential cleaning services; CleanBeyond, a franchisor of commercial, residential and carpet cleaning franchises; and her current enterprise, Aseptic Health, LLC.

Line Hard work. Network. Work ethics. These are tools she brings to the job. And through Aseptic Health, Ryan has found a way to also mentor others and fulfill a long-time dream.

While working in the commercial and residential cleaning industries, Ryan searched for a healthy solution to eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and mildew, and provide a truly sanitized and Clinically CleanTM environment. After 14 years of research, Aseptic PlusTM is the flagship product of Aseptic Health, and offers everything Ryan was looking for. Now she is helping other business owners who have begun successful Aseptic Health distributorships in more than 7 territories, and according to Ryan, that is just the beginning. In less than a year she and her team have successfully tapped three major industries, raising the cleaning standards in those industries, and she has expanded her product line to include dermatological products for allergen-free scalp and skin care.

The next frontier is healthcare. She is working with her father, Dana William Ryan, Founder, President and CEO of RyMed Technologies LLC and one of the earliest pioneers in the design and development of safety-oriented medical products, to develop infection control products for use in healthcare environments.

Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Middle Tennessee State University. She is a member of NEHA, ISSA, CRI and SBA.

Dana William Ryan

Board Member

Dana William Ryan

Dana is the Founder, and President and CEO of RyMed Technologies, LLC, and the creator of the InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage™ technologies. RyMed’s revolutionary products empower healthcare providers to successfully apply proven infection control practices to deliver safe, cost-effective care. He is one of the earliest pioneers in the design and development of safety-oriented medical products, and he has created and developed more than 42 patented infection control products.